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Home / RS3Gold news / RuneScape 99 Thieving Cape Notes Desert Phoenix Feathers

RuneScape 99 Thieving Cape Notes Desert Phoenix Feathers

Time: 08/09/18

It has been revealed on Reddit that RuneScape 99 Thieving Cape will note Desert Phoenix feathers as one of the Quality of Life updates. You could see the screenshot below and learn how to train RuneScape Thieving to level 99 fast if you have interests.

RuneScape 99 Thieving Cape with Screenshot

Yesterday the Reddit user “Nolifedemon” shared the screenshot of RuneScape 99 Thieving Cape with the words “99 Thieving Cape also notes Desert Phoenix’s Feathers which is an amazing QoL”. From the picture below we can see the player with Thieving Cape and RuneScape Desert Phoenix.
RuneScape 99 Thieving Cape
This update may come soon as Quality of Life improvements, and some players it is the best update this month. The thieving cape is always useful for Desert Phoenix Feathers as it will automatically note all feathers and function as an Ardougne cloak if one is owned.

Train RuneScape Thieving to 99 by Safecracking

Safecracking is a good choice if you want to get level 99 Thieving fast. At level 62 Thieving, you can begin safecracking with the Thieves’ Guild capers completed. First speak to the safe-cracking trainer in the Thieves’ Guild if you haven’t already to receive a stethoscope and a small loot bag, and then begin looting from chests in Misthalin.
The best route is to loot the safes upstairs in Varrock Palace which requires a lockpick or hair clip and 65 Thieving, the one in Edgeville, and the two in Lumbridge. This can provide up to 300,000 experience an hour. If you have a wicked hood, you can quickly reach 2 safes in the wizard tower. Including these you can gain up to 400,000 experience an hour.

What do you think about RuneScape Thieving Cape update? And don’t forget to buy RS3 gold with 8% off code “RDL8” from us until Aug 15.

The RS3gold Team

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