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Home / RS3Gold news / RuneScape TAPP Now Cancelled until 2019 for RS Mobile Release

RuneScape TAPP Now Cancelled until 2019 for RS Mobile Release

Time: 08/06/18

RuneScape TAPP, the project allowing employees to spend Thursday on personal projects related to the game, has now been cancelled until at least 2019. The cancellation is to eliminate distractions from bringing in OSRS and RuneScape Mobile, which is the highest priority for 2018.

RuneScape TAPP cancelled with official explanation

Thursday, All-Day, Personal Projects (TAPP) is Jagex’s version of the “20% time” policy initially popularised by Google, where employees are free to spend some of their time on projects not related to their primary job description. Now it is announced by Mod Stu that TAPP has been currently cancelled until at least 2019.
According to Mod Stu’s post, the main reason of this decision is to eliminate distractions so the team can focus on fulfilling their objectives for 2018. One of Jagex’s highest priorities is bringing Old School and RuneScape to Mobile.

Some dev work before RuneScape TAPP cancellation

The good news is that some of team members managed to finish the dev work for a RuneScape TAPP project or two before its cancellation, and some of them may be released in the future if approved for QA and Localisation. One of Mod Stu’s TAPP/Gamejam projects is coming out on Monday. In addition, someone is also continuing to develop their TAPP projects after hours for no pay.
RuneScape TAPP hasn’t been cancelled for Mobile – Stu has stated this slightly inaccurately. RuneScape Mobile or OSRS Mobile is one of a few things that the members are asked to focus on, and they still want to keep passion projects coming.

What do you think about the cancellation of RuneScape TAPP? Anyway, you can come to RS3gold.com to buy RS gold anytime when you want.

The RS3gold Team

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