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Home / RS3Gold news / RuneScape Zodiac Festival Speculation: Event Date & Rewards

RuneScape Zodiac Festival Speculation: Event Date & Rewards

Time: 02/10/18

Have you ever attended Gielinor’s Zodiac Festival? RuneScape Zodiac Festival is planned to release this month with several tasks, and players who complete those tasks will win rewards including Zodiac Talismans, experience and even mystery boxes. Read more and buy RS gold from us.

What is RuneScape Zodiac Festival coming in Feb?

It is mentioned in Month Ahead video that there will be the RuneScape Zodiac Festival in February. This new time-limited event will have you completing tasks, and these tasks change up to every three days. You can obtain different rewards depending on your preference.
The exact date for Zodiac Festival has not been revealed, but some players guess that the event may come next week or even the week after, based on the date of Lunar New Year which is on February 16, 2018. In addition, there is no Valentine’s Day event at that time this year.

What rewards can you get from RS Zodiac Festival?

RuneScape Zodiac Festival

As regards the rewards in RuneScape Zodiac Festival, Zodiac Talismans, experience and mystery boxes are mentioned in the Month Ahead video. We can see some from the screenshot including Zodiac Shield, Tea Making Rest Animation, Foo Lion Pet and mystery boxes with Zodiac Costume. And now we still need to wait for event details with more information about the rewards.

Are you looking forward to RuneScape Zodiac Festival event? Moreover, don’t forget to enjoy up to 9% off in our Valentine’s Special Sale to buy any RS products!

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