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Should OSRS Soul Wars Come Back According to Working Prototype?

Time: 03/12/20

According to latest OSRS post, we have known that the team has introduced a working prototype of Soul Wars that has been removed in order to decide whether they should make OSRS Soul Wars come back.    

What is OSRS Soul Wars? 

Soul Wars OSRS is a hugely popular minigame released in February 2009, but later it is removed from the game. Soul Wars combines PvP with PvM. During this minigame, two opposing team compete against each other to collect soul fragments and offer them to the Soul obelisk in order to weaken and defeat each other's avatars through combat. 
With the strong voice of Soul Wars returning, OSRS team has made a simple working prototype to decide whether Soul Wars comes back or not.    

Current working prototype for OSRS Soul Wars 

The working prototype of OSRS Soul Wars has been worked out. Here we introduce several main aspects: 
1. Tile height and blocking
Based on the current RS version of Soul Wars, the tile height and blocking in OSRS are the same as RS. And for some tiles, the ground color is also the same as RS since it's hard to start with nothing. 
2. The sound is also the same as original Soul Wars music. And OSRS team also wants the original Soul Wars music to go alongside the sound effects. 
3. Recreate the Corporeal Beast models based on a version of RS from May 2012
Take a sneak peek at us to learn more about working prototype of Soul Wars. If the design of OSRS Soul Wars is passed, it may be released towards the end of the year.

Soul Wars 

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