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Skills & Items for Killing OSRS Black Dragons Recommended

Time: 10/05/19

OSRS Black Dragons are powerful monsters and the strongest common chromatic dragon in-game. When fighting against them, you need to avoid their dragonfire. And we offer some necessary skills and items that can help you a lot kill these dragons. You can also learn what you can obtain when they are dead. 

Requirements of killing OSRS Black Dragons

To kill the Black Dragons more easily and successfully, you'd better achieve the following requirements that will help you a lot:
1. Skill requirements
While killing OSRS Black Dragons, we encourage you to use 80+ Ranged and 70+ Defence skills to make kill Black Dragons easier.
2. Items requirements
- Anti-dragon shield used to protect yourself from dragonfire.
- High-level Ranged gear such as Armadyl crossbow, Dragon crossbow, Rune crossbow, Karil's crossbow, or Crystal bow.
Apart of them, we also suggest you to use 55 Slayer for Broad bolts, and if you choose to kill these Black Dragons in Taverley Dungeon Antipoison, 70 Agility or Dusty key are recommended to use and food as well as Falador teleports are also suggested to bring. What is important is that you need to kill them in either Recipe for Disaster or Freeing Sir Amik Varze quest. 

What can you get after killing OSRS Black Dragons?

After completion of killing Black Dragons, you will get various rewards such as 22,800 Ranged experience, decent Combat experience, Black dragonhide, Dragon bones, Adamant platebody, Rune longsword, Adamant javelin and Dragon javelin heads. And after you complete Monkey Madness II, you will also get Draconic visage and certain amount of coins.   
Remember that the profit rates will spend 30 kills every hour. Depending on your speed and luck, your actual profits may become higher or lower. 

Hope this simple guide can help you during killing Black Dragons. Besides, if you want cheap OSRS gold, you can come to RS3gold.com to place your order.

The RS3gold Team  

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