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Home / RS3Gold news / Smite Changes for Ancient Mace OSRS & Duel Arena Updates

Smite Changes for Ancient Mace OSRS & Duel Arena Updates

Time: 08/17/18

Ancient mace OSRS and some other weapons have a Smite effect which accompanies damage dealt with a prayer drain, and with the changes this week it’s only possible to be Smited in a single tick up to you current hitpoints. In addition, some changes to OSRS Duel Arena have also been made.

Changes to Smite effect for Ancient mace OSRS

The changes to Smite have been made, which was once discussed in a news post. Some weapons, such as the Ancient mace OSRS, have a Smite effect which accompanies damage dealt with a prayer drain. It was possible for over-hitting damage to inflict more prayer drain than your hitpoints, but now you can now only be Smited in a single tick for an amount up to you current hitpoints.
The special attack of the Ancient mace will still be applied in addition to Smite when it is active. With smite and Ancient mace’s special attack it is possible to drain an amount of 100% of the damage dealt plus one fourth of the damage, which can be used by groups of players on multi-combat areas to obtain items that normally would be protected by Protect item prayer.

OSRS Duel Arena changes released this week

Some changes have been made to tackle odds staking at the Duel Arena:
1. You can no longer stake items, meaning only Coins and Platinum tokens can be used.
2. Each duelists stake must be within 10,000 Coins of each other in value.
3. Winnings (the combined total of both players’ stakes) will be taxed by a percentage depending on the size of the stake. The current stake size limit will remain the same.
4. The same restrictions remain in place as before; F2P players can only stake in Coins, not Platinum, and Ironmen can’t stake at all.

What do you think about these changes this week? Anyway, come here to find some cheap RuneScape 2007 gold and get it fast!

The RS3gold Team

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