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Song of the Elves OSRS Released on Jul 25 & Competition Details

Time: 07/12/19

Song of the Elves OSRS has been set to release on July 25. As one of the major expansions this year, of course there are several competitions attached. You still have to time to enter if interested. 

Enjoy Song of the Elves on July 25

The grandmaster quest Song of the Elves is going to hit in game in less than two weeks, on July 25. Then you can win the access to the city of Prifddinas. And there are so many features you may want to experience, like:
The Gauntlet: A combat based solo minigame, which requires you to explore a randomly generated dungeon layout, collect various resources & supplies and defeat the Crystal Hunllef;
Zalcano: A minigame-style boss, who are trapped by the elves for you to fight using skills Mining, Smithing, and Runecraft;
Iorwerth's Dungeon: A slayer dungeon, which is made up of several rooms with numerous Slayer monsters;
Various rewards: Such as crystal armour, Blade of Saeldor, Elven Signets etc.

Competitions for Song of the Elves

For the upcoming summer major update, there have been 4 competitions hosted. Right now you still can join in the Login Screen Design Competition or Elven Questline: The Story So Far - Video Competition. Their deadlines both are 14th July. 
Besides, with the SotE released in game, the completion times for the Gauntlet will be tracked. And whoever are the top 3 fastest in the opening 2 weeks will be awarded. 

What can do you during the last 2 weeks? Let’s buy RS 2007 gold cheap from us and prepare yourselves fully. 

The RS3gold Team 

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