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Strategy & Tips to Beat OSRS Mimic Boss for Ring of 3rd Age

Time: 04/13/19

The Treasure Trail now have the OSRS Mimic Boss. By speaking to the strange casket upstairs in Watson's house in Hosidius, you’ll be able to gain a Mimic by opening an elite (1/35) or master reward casket (1/15), and best the Mimic boss, who drops Ring of 3rd Age.

Tips & Strategy to beat OSRS Mimic boss

Attack Style of Mimic boss:
Melee attack
If you stand beside the Mimic, it can hit you with a normal melee attack. This can be avoided by running around and using Protect from Melee, or Entangle.
Candy Attack
The Mimic throws six candies (three purple, three red, one blue and one green) at you, causing 10 damage on the target. Note that the red, blue and green candies respectively spawn the Third Age Warrior, Third Age Mage and Third Age Ranger, which give no drops at killing, and instantly respawn when another candy attack occurs. Just ignore the minions that are spawned, and move away from where the candies are targeting.
Stomp Attack
The Mimic will attack you with Stomp Attack if you walk under it, causing you damage every tick (0.6 seconds). The damage of the attack scales as follows: 1-1-1-2-2-2-3-... with a cap of 6 damage. This attack can be stopped by simply stepping away from the Mimic.
Tips for fighting The Mimic boss
1.The Mimic is technically weak to Magic, and can be easily killed by Ranged attack with a Toxic blowpipe.
2.Magic, like the Ice spells that can froze the boss, is also recommended to fight the Mimic.
3.Trident class is recommended as optimal weapon to kill the Mimic quickly.

Ring of 3rd age & other drops from the OSRS Mimic boss

The Mimic boss is able to drop the Ring of 3rd age, which transforms players into a model similar to 3rd age equipment like the ring of stone or ring of coins. Besides the Ring of 3rd age, it often drop Mahogany plank. Other common drops includes the Death rune, Blood rune, and Grimy ranarr weed. 

Follow the strategy and tips to beat the OSRS Mimic boss in Treasure Trail, and win one Ring of 3rd Age. And don’t forget to buy RS 2007 gold from us.

The RS3gold Team

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