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Take Chance Get Double Daily RS Treasure Hunter Keys Till Jun. 2

Time: 05/22/19

In the hot hot summer do you fancy a old fashioned special treasure hunter event? Now you have a chance to grab double daily Treasure Hunter keys RS3 from a activity. Learn details and get TH keys for next TH promo.

Enjoy double TH keys till Jun. 2

Now there is a a double treasure hunter activity active from Monday May 20 to Sunday June 2, 2019, offering you double amount of daily RuneScape treasure hunter keys. But you have to note that the double amount is just for daily TH keys you obtain at logging in. Keys you obtain from quest and other activities are not counted in.

How to get more RuneScape Treasure Hunter keys?

By logging in game, free players can get one key a day while members normally get two keys a day, and members who bought a silver or gold Premier Clubget three daily keys. Besides getting the doubled daily TH keys, you can also obtain more keys via the following ways.
1.Killing monsters
By killing monster, you can obtain Key token. Except monsters in minigames or Dungeoneering, nearly all monsters have a chance of dropping a Key token, and more if you already have 10+ earned keys. 
2.Skilling activities
Key token can also be obtained by all players through the same methods used to find a strange rock, in addition to Divination if you have if you have 10- earned keys.
3.Distractions and diversions & Quests
You can also earn Key token from completing a quest or starting a game of Troll Invasion. Additionally, participating certain distraction and diversion each week also gives a key token.
4.Earn keys
Earned can be done by watching advertisements, buying products, completing surveys, etc using "Earn keys" option.

Now you have learned so many ways to get RS3 Treasure Hunter Keys. Try getting in the game and obtaining double daily TH keys for next TH promo. Meanwhile, buy cheap RS3 gold from us with the upcoming activity.

The RS3gold Team

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