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Tips & Notes for Defeating OSRS The Nightmare Boss Recommended

Time: 02/06/20

OSRS The Nightmare of Ashihama is available today. Do you know how to defeat new boss The Nightmare? It doesn’t matter. You can learn the tips and notes at our site.  

How to approach to OSRS The Nightmare? 

It has been confirmed that The Nightmare of Ashihama goes live today. OSRS new boss The Nightmare locates in the Slepe Catacombs. And you can go there via the following quick ways:
1. Teleport to Ver Sinhaza by Drakan’s medallion and then run north. After you pass the small dock, then run east to arrive at Slepe.
2. Teleport to the Ectofuntus by using the Ectophial, then head north to the small dock and pay Andras 10,000 coins to row to Slepe. And you will reach to a dock just south-west of Slepe.

Notes while fighting with OSRS The Nightmare

Once the fight with The Nightmare OSRS begins, you will be transported to her dream world. The fight has two instances available each world, including one for regular players and one for Ironmen. While fighting with this new boss, you need to focus on the following notes:
1. Health and combat stats of The Nightmare scale to the number of players in the fight, even if you can fight her with less than five. 
2. You can’t join mid-way through the fight.
3. 20% of The Nightmare’s base damage will be taken if using Protect from Melee. 
4. 120% of The Nightmare’s base damage will be taken if using the incorrect protection prayer.
5. While The Nightmare is floating in the centre instead of laying on the ground, it indicates that she is fighting a group of players.
6. Shura will keep the lost items if you die. But if you die a second time anywhere without reclaiming the items from Shura, they will be lost forever unless the death occurs in a safe minigame, such as the Fight Caves. 

In a word, OSRS The Nightmare of Ashihama goes live today. Get ready to fight with the boss. Please buy safe OSRS gold from us to prepare perfectly. 

The RS3gold Team

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