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Undead Druid OSRS Guide: Where to Find & How to Kill the Druids

Time: 07/05/19

With the Forthos Dungeon updated in game, you may encounter Undead Druid OSRS from time to time. Here will offer you the locations and useful guide to kill the Undead Druids. 

Where to see Undead Druid?

You will see this more powerful variant of Chaos druids - Undead Druid in various parts of the Forthos Dungeon, including: the first room, east of the entrance (several spawns; second room, fast east side of the dungeon, near Brother Aimer; final room, south of the entrance (4 spawns). 

How to defeat Undead Druids OSRS?

Because of the undead feature as well as their high Magic level and related bonuses, there are some methods and preferable weapons & equipment recommended for you to kill them:
1.Fighting them with a Salve amulet (ei) or or the regular imbued version if using Melee;
2.The highest-DPS setup includes a Toxic blowpipe with the elite Void Knight set and Salve amulet. 
3.Keeping Protect from Magic on all the time to fight them;
4.Choosing Melee and Ranged against them, while Ranged may be better. 
5.In the southern room (adjacent to an altar), only 2 moderately high level players can kill them more quickly than they spawn and will often wait for spawns. 
6.On the other hand, in the eastern room there are many more spawns, requiring to use prayer potions. 

What drops will you get from the Druids?

After defeating the Undead Druid, you may obtain a large variety of drops, like weaponry, runes, herbs, seeds, materials as well as other types. You even have a very rare chance to get uncut ruby, loop half of key, dragon spear and so on. 

Hope this guide can help you a little. Please read carefully before entering the Forthos Dungeon and buy OSRS gold cheap from us. 

The RS3gold Team 

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