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Home / RS3Gold news / What Are OSRS Skill Cape Perks with Capes of Accomplishment?

What Are OSRS Skill Cape Perks with Capes of Accomplishment?

Time: 03/12/18

Capes of Accomplishment, more commonly known as Skillcapes, have particular benefits making them more useful. Here is a guide for OSRS skill cape perks, which includes the basics, list of OSRS skill cape perks and information on max cape and cape hanger.

Basics of particular OSRS Skill Cape Perks

OSRS skill cape perks are certain benefits with each skillcape. The benefits vary in different capes; for example, the Firemaking cape will act as a light source when equipped, and wearing the cooking cape will prevent any food from being burned. Skill cape perks were added to each of the skill capes in game to make them bit more useful.
Here is a list of OSRS skill cape perks to help you find the benefits with your capes:

OSRS Skill Cape Perks

Max cape & perks of skillcapes on cape hanger

From the list we can see that OSRS max cape, a cape available to players who have attained level 99 in all 23 skills, will provide all the perks of all skillcapes. However, a max cape may be combined with certain best-in-slot cape slot items, such as the Guthix cape, creating a Guthix max cape. It will cause the max cape to assume the stats of the item it was combined with, forfeiting the max cape perks, making it merely a cosmetic enhancement to the original item.
In addition, if a player displays a certain set of skillcapes on the cape hanger in a Player-owned house Achievement Gallery, the perks that they have will become available only to the house owner. 12 kinds of OSRS skill cape perks can be used while displayed on the cape hanger, including Crafting cape, Fishing cape, Hunter cape and more.

It will be great if now you know more about OSRS skill cape perks. Moreover, we offer safe & fast OSRS gold for sale and never let you down!

The RS3gold Team

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