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What Details Will You Know about RS Anachronia Drop Rates?

Time: 08/08/19

How many drops have you ever obtained in Anachronia? Have you been familiar with the Runescape Anachronia drop rates? Here are some information about it provided to you. 

Details about Anachronia Drop Rates Runescape

Some data of drop rates you may be interested in is listed as following: 
1. Big Game Hunter
  - Unique drop: 1/1K (scales with duo and trio spawns). 
  - Totems: 1/50 
  - Double spawn: 10/160 - trying to make LOTD increase the chance for double/triple spawns in the near future. 
  - Triple spawn: 1/160 
  - Rare T3 building resource: 1/150
2. Slayer
  - Totem: 1/300 (from either plants or dinos). 
  - Rare T3 building resource: 1/1K 
  - Laceration boots: 1/8K off-task on any dinosaur. 
   On-task is up to the dinosaur killed.
   Feral: 1/3K; Brutish: 1/2K; Venom: 1/4K; Ripper: 1/2K 
  - Blowpipe: 1/5K off-task on any dinosaur. 1/1500 on-task. 
  - Blast diffusion boots: 
   Lampenflora: 1/16K off-task and 1/4K on-task; 
   Devil's snare: 1/10K off-task and 1/2.5K on-task; 
   Snaggler: 1/8K off-task and 1/2K on-task; 
   Liverwort: 1/8K off-task and 1/2K on-task.
3. Agility
  - Totem: 1/100 (drop is rolled after each segment not obstacle).
  - Essential oils: 1/1800 (drop is rolled after each obstacle).

Hope these details about Anachronia drop rates can help you a lot in your adventure. Good luck to you. We will continue to offer cheapest RS gold for you.

The RS3gold Team 

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