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My Father Died, Leaving Me Nothing but Love and RuneScape Account 6/28/16

A man died of Muscular Dystrophy in 2009, leaving his son John one inheritance - a RuneScape account: elahwguirn. Seven years later, John started playing OSRS on the old RS account in attempt to remember the passion of his father for the game. Yesterday, John met one player fishing in barbarian village in RuneScape. The player recognized the old RS account and his father. Apparently, the player is an old friend of John’s father and knows John as well.

RS3gold Offers Telos’ Mechanic and Guide with Cheap RuneScape 3 Gold 6/28/16

Hi guys, the toughest solo boss, Telos has been released with attractive rewards. Have you been ready to fight the most challengeable boss in RuneScape? If not, RS3gold offers all the information you have to know and cheap runescape 3 gold you need to ensure you can get the highest-level gear as rewards.

RS3gold Offers Deadman Mode Season 2 Money Making Skills 6/27/16

Deadman Mode Season 2 has been released. If you are a beginner, you must be eager to know how to make Deadman Mode Season 2 gold quickly. In this news, RS3gold will offer you three skills by which you can make Deadman Mode Season 2 money quickly: Combating, Thieving and Fletching.

RS3gold Will Become One-Stop Source for Buying RS Gold and Other RS Products 6/24/16

Inspiring news, RS3gold will be updated with the wider range of RS products, brand new system and improved service on July 31st, which will turn up to be the one-stop source and comprehensive  for buying RS gold and other RS products.

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