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Tips to Free You From Another Ban Attacking in Runescape 2/3/16

Recently, a piece of stunting news has shocked quite a few players of runescape that around 40 accounts were banned for bringing 500m+ into the economy by selling grotesque souls to the general store called bug abuse. Thus, do you want to probe into the depth reason of this event? Do the players whose accounts get banned deserve to blame? How do you take effective measures to deal with this problem? And have you gathered enough rs3 gold cheap to start another voyage?

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Buy Cheap RS3 Gold to Prepare for Grotesque Armour in Runescape 1/28/16

What's Grotesque Armor? How do you deal with grotesque souls? Have you prepared enough rs3 gold for sale to mutate your armour? If you have about 150 of these Grotesque Souls so far, and it says that they can be combined into a new armor set, including helm, body, legs, gloves, boots, cape, wings and "power gems" that can boost the armor rating.

What Do You Think of Some Immediate Changes Happened in New RuneScape skill Invention? 1/28/16

Known to all runescape players, some mistakes have been made in invention update recently that there have been several areas where the skill has not functioned. Luckily, the official has made some changes to fix some of the issues. Well, what do you think of these changes? Do you still need runescape 3 gold to prepare supplements for this game?

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