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Learn Details of RS Grand Exchange Improvements from Patch Notes

Time: 06/16/20

With the update on Jun. 15, the Patch Notes have revealed a series of RS Grand Exchange improvements that make it easier than ever before. Want to know what have been improved? Please take a sneak peek at us.  

Major RS Grand Exchange improvements 

1. Add a brand new client-side prediction to the interface.
2. Edit any offers on the Grand Exchange via the "Edit" button on the Overview page and within In-progress offers, which can reset your place in the offer queue. 
3. Add +/- 20% buttons next to the +/- 5% ones to adjust the prices of the items easily. 
4. Extend the Search Results window to 12 items. 
5. Add a "Favourite Items" tab to the interface. You can favorite items by searching for an item in the tab or using the star icon while buying or selling an item. Please note that members can favorite 18 items, but free-to-play players have six. 

Other RS Grand Exchange improvements 

1. Change the "Sets" right-click/long-press option on Grand Exchange clerks into "Favourites".
2. Change the Inventory on mobile to a 4x7 view while using the Grand Exchange. 
3. Various text changes and font size increases have been made for better description and increased readability, especially on mobile.
4. Increase the Quantity, Price and Total Value boxes to better accommodate for translated languages. 

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The RS3gold Team

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