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Enjoy RS Black Friday 2020 for Up to 75% Discounts on Packs & More

11/27/20 RS Black Friday 2020 has been live in Solomon's General Store. This year you can be able to enjoy various large discounts on Dwarven Warsuit, cosmetics, pets and other goods.  RS Black Friday 2020 live until Dec. 4th  Solomon's General Store now hosts its Black Friday sale from Nov. 27 to Dec. 4, 2020. During this period, you can buy all kinds of cosmetics, pets, hairstyles and animations including the Dwarven Warsuit...

Learn Details of RS Combat Tooltips & Quality of Life Changes

11/26/20 According to the latest game updates, we have known that the Ninjas have made various improvements and changes to Combat, such as RS Combat tooltips, and quality of life updates.  Improvements to RS Combat tooltips  Loads of changes have made for Combat tooltips, including:  1. Rewrite all combat abilities for clarity and readability, and now they follow a bullet pointed template. 2. "Weapon damage" and "activate spell damage" now refers to "ability...

OSRS Getting Ahead Guide with Fast Walkthrough & Necessary Items

11/26/20 OSRS Getting Ahead is one of Twisted Tales and now has been launched. You can learn the necessary items and fast walkthrough from us to complete it easily.   Items necessary for OSRS Getting Ahead As the first of the Twisted Tales quest set, Getting Ahead has been released on Nov. 25. To complete this quest, you have to gather these items:  - Bear fur or grey wolf fur  - Soft clay...

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