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Access RS Profound Halo & Enjoy Changes to Anachronia on July 22

07/23/19 Have you remembered the RuneScape Profound Halo voted by you? Right now it has been added in game. Besides, this week the RS team also have made some changes to Anachronia. How to access Profound Halo? The new improved Profound Halo is a head slot override, which can be unlocked by anyone completing the “How Many Games?” achievement. And this achievement requires you to purchase a full set of profound decorative equipment...

How to Use RS Terrasaur Maul in Game, Obtained on Anachronia?

07/22/19 The new T80 two-handed RuneScape Terrasaur Maul has been added since the launch of Anachronia. Here we will share some more details about this weapon, like how to get & use it.  Obtain Terrasaur Maul from Big Game Hunter  The newly-added maul can be crafted from the superior long bone, tribal fin, and volcanic fragments, which can be rewarded from the Oculi apoterrasaur, Pavosaurus rex, and Malletops respectively during the Big Game...

For OSRS Last Man Standing Beta, What Changes have been Made?

07/19/19 Since the Last Man Standing beta was active from last week, the Old School team have made some changes based on players’ feedback.  Main changes implemented this week 1.Combat is allowed now immediately the shouted countdown ends instead of giving a second grace period (You only could move not fight).  2.You can get 11 sharks as the basic supplies rather than 12.  3.The starting equipment will not contain the Ava's accumalator again. ...

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