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New RS3 Hunter Method: Trap, Buff & Elite Trapper Outfit Changes

Time: 05/09/19

Though not the big update for summer, the new RS3 Hunter method has been exciting enough considering the changes it will bring. This text, we’ll focus on the changes in traps and buffs, Tick Manipulation removal, and the ensuing changes in Elite Trapper outfit RuneScape.

Removal of Tick Manipulation & Elite Trapper outfit changes 

The Tick Manipulation has been an useful method to speed up your trap laying by drinking potions. However, it has not been serving as an intended training method, but rather become a bug that leads to inflated XP rates. To fix the problem, the team has decided to remove the Tick Manipulation entirely, adding the ability of instantly deploying or picking up traps to the Elite Trapper outfit, so that you an go on enjoy the buff in Hunter. After the changes, the outfit’s success chance bonus will work on all hunter creatures.

Changes in traps and buffs after new Hunter method

Trapping has been a significant Hunter method in RS game, while buffs and boosts can help you hunt more easily and efficiently. After the occurrence of future update, the two contents will be changed at the following aspects. 
1.2 traps can be used from level 1, 3 traps can be used from level 30, while 4 and 5 traps will remain respectively at level 60 and 80.
2.The maximum number of skillchompas per trap increased from 4 to 6.
3.The left-click option of fallen traps changed into 'lay' from 'take'.
4.This update will have Yaktwee stick enhanced. It can be worn while barehanded catching butterflies, with XP boost lowered from 5% to 2%, and chance of extra sprites increased from 5% to 20%.

There seems to be quite a lot of changes in traps and buffs after the introduction of the new RS3 Hunter method. The removal of Tick Manipulation also seems make some impact on Elite Trapper outfit. Let’s wait the arrival of the updates, and enjoy the game and buy cheap RS 3 gold from rs3gold.com.

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