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See Rewards You Can Get From RS Time to Seren & Desperate Times

Time: 05/09/19

This weekend you’ll be able to enjoy RS Song of Seren accompanied, and win rewards from the new quest RS3 Desperate Times (include a new clue scroll reward container) & RuenScape Time to Seren TH promo (include spirit dragonstone and Silverhawk feathers, etc.). Check what you can harvest this weekend.

RuneScape Desperate Times rewards 

We have introduced some quest details of Desperate Times earlier. In this text, you’ll learn more on its rewards. The quest will be the start of a big update this summer, with a scale between Recipe for Disaster and Ritual of the Mahjarrat. The rewards it gives include 1 Master clue scroll and some XP lamps. On tops of that, you’ll also receive a new clue scroll reward container which can store up to max stack of each clue scroll and casket, automatically picking up a clue scroll when carried. It can also directly store the casket after completing a clue if you would like to.

Rewards from RS Time to Seren TH promotion

This TH promotion will run within the same time span as the Song of Seren event, lasting from 12:00 on 10 May to 11:59 on 13 May 2019. Within the Time to Seren promotion, you’re likely to win the rewards from the yellow, orange and red gems. But the fun part is that the prizes in the chests change whenever the Song of Seren changes, matching its effects.



Yellow gem

Small combat training dummy crate, small portable skilling pack, a medium dungeoneering token box

Orange gem

Medium combat training dummy crate, spirit dragonstone, Protean cogs, Protean planks, Protean bars, Protean traps, Protean hides, Protean logs, protean memory, Silverhawk feathers, portable skilling pack, medium skill training dummy crate, and a large dungeoneering token box.

Red gem

The spirit onyx, large skill training dummy crate, and large combat training dummy crate.

Are you ready to dive into Song of Seren event and win new clue scroll reward container, spirit dragonstone, Silverhawk feathers and more from RS3 Desperate Times and RuenScape Time to Seren TH promo? Meanwhile, don’t forget to buy Cheap RuneScape gold from us.

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