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Details of OSRS Costume Room Rework Revealed on September 2nd

Time: 09/03/20

The details of OSRS Costume Room Rework have been revealed on Sep. 2. From this rework, you can be able to see the changes to Ultimate Iron players, Magic Wardrobe and Armour Case storage limits and more.    

OSRS Costume Room Rework available this week 

This week OSRS Team announces the long-awaited Costume Room Rework, coming with various changes and updates, including: 
1. Interfaces across the Costume Room now shows as many sets as they can, sorted alphabetically.
2. Players can store incomplete sets, and the bits you're missing can be indicated on the interface.
3. Players can store platelegs, plateskirt and spare pieces.
4. Add a new panel to deposit items with a simple left-click. 
5. "Deposit Mode" toggle lets you switch between depositing items individually and depositing them as sets. "Deposit All" button lets you dump everything in your Inventory into storage.
6. Ultimate Iron players may not withdraw an incomplete set or store duplicate items. 
7. Ultimate Iron players can store incomplete sets. 
8. Ultimate Iron players can be warned before depositing individual set pieces to avoid any unfortunate incidents.     

Magic Wardrobe & Armour Case changes in OSRS Costume Room Rework

During the Costume Room Rework, the Magic Wardrobe and Armour Case storage limits are also adjusted as followings: 
1. Magic Wardrobe storage limits 
  - Oak: 7 Mage sets
  - Carved Oak: 14 Mage sets
  - Teak: 21 Mage sets
  - Carved Teak: 28 Mage sets
  - Mahogany: 35 Mage sets
  - Gilded: 42 Mage sets
  - Marble: infinite Mage sets 
2. Armour Case storage limits
  - Oak: 25 armour sets
  - Teak: 50 armour sets
  - Mahogany: infinite armour sets 

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The RS3gold Team  

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