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Learn Poll 73 with OSRS Skull Sceptre Proposed Changes & More

Time: 09/18/20

Poll 73 comes out with plenty of proposed changes to Quality of Life contents on Sep. 17, including OSRS Skull Sceptre, Chambers of Xeric and others. 

Proposed changes to OSRS Skull Sceptre in Poll 73 

Poll 73 reveals some proposed Skull Sceptre changes on Sep. 17, like: 
1. Skull Sceptre charges may be increased from 5 to 10. 
2. The charges will also be increased to 14, 18, 22 and 26 respectively after completing the Varrock Achievement Diary tiers. 
3. Players will be able to crush Skull Sceptre pieces into tradeable chunks that can be used to charge the imbued Skull Sceptre. 
4. Skull Sceptre won't be destroyed on death. 

Proposed changes to OSRS Chambers of Xeric in Poll 73 

There are also some proposed improvements related to Chambers of Xeric in Poll 73, such as: 
1. Scavenger spawn locations may be changed to be consistent across group sizes and room layouts. 
2. Scavenger will drop loot to those dealing highest damage. If the player is Ironman, all players would pick up the loot. 
3. A new map pool may be created, allowing you to toggle between based on your needs. New "large" map pool would consist of five combat and three puzzle rooms, which is available for those preferring longer raids with a higher point potential. 
4. Current map pool will be rebalanced to have an equal chance to get a "medium" or "small" raid. 

OSRS Skull Sceptre as well as other proposed changes are introduced here. Further, please buy cheap OSRS gold from us at any time. 

The RS3gold Team 

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