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Learn RS Personal Slayer Dungeon & More Slayer Changes on Oct 26

Time: 10/28/20

From the newest patch notes on Oct. 26, we can see that a series of slayer changes have been announced to make Slayer better than before, including RS Personal Slayer Dungeon changes. With an eye toward the detailed updates from us.   

Changes to RS Personal Slayer Dungeon 

Personal Slayer Dungeon is one of the work to make Slayer better. The specific changes to it are listed here: 
1. Slayer Masters now teach to use the Slayer Master's Ouija Board for 1,000 Slayer Points. 
2. Now you can customise the placement of creatures by using the Slayer Master's Ouija Board within the Sunken Pyramid. 
3. Freely move creatures between slots now, but large monsters can't be placed in the small chamber.
4. Now monsters with multiple variants consistently spawn as those variants when newly placed in the Personal Slayer Dungeon. And the monsters placed previously can continue to spawn as random variants. 

Other RS slayer changes in patch notes this week 

What's more, you can also notice other slayer improvements and adjustments in this week's patch notes, such as: 
1. You can use a set of Ancient Ceremonial Robes, 10 million coins and a frozen key to unlock the ability to access to Nex. 
2. Entering a boss instance without a selectable Respawn Speed will no longer overwrite the Respawn Speed setting for other boss instances.
3. The Area Loot interface can be opened even when just one item is on the ground. And you can toggle the option on and off in the Loot System settings. 
4. The respawn speed option you selected last can now be remembered when fighting the relevant bosses. 

How do you think of RS Personal Slayer Dungeon changes? Anyway, please buy cheap RS3 gold from us forever. 

The RS3gold Team 

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