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RS Halloween 2020 Guide with Miniquests: Walkthrough & Rewards

Time: 10/27/20

It's time to join in RS Halloween 2020 for fun. By the end of Nov. 8, you can take part in to complete four miniquests. Once completed, you can get Death's Hood, spooky tokens and others. 

Fast walkthrough to RS Halloween 2020 

Halloween 2020 event has started at Draynor Manor on Oct. 26 and will end on Nov. 8. It features four miniquests and each miniquest has its own rewards. You can see the walkthrough below to complete these four quests quickly: 
1. Death 
  - Talk to Death for a polarising crystal. 
  - Interact with the item to learn four locations. 
  - Interact with the crystal again to find and heal fragmented souls at each location.
2. Famine 
  - Find Famine in the north west of the water altar entrance. 
  - Collect 120 potatoes and 120 rotten potatoes from 4 patches beside her, and hand them in.  
  - Find three ghosts located by the pig pen by Draynor Market, near the summoning obelisk south of the market, and south of the wheat field next to the prison respectively. 
  - Talk to the three ghosts. 
  - Ask Famine for the solution to create the anti-blight. And the solution is: Swirl, Mix, Swirl, Mix, Shake, Mix.
  - Talk to Famine again to go to the manor. 
3. Pestilence
  - Find Pestilence in the west of Draynor lodestone and south of Maggie's caravan.
  - Collect 5 cabbages from Draynor Manor, 5 onions in the south of the bank in Draynor Village, and 5 potatoes in the north of Lumbridge, near Rat Burgiss. And turn in them to Pestilence. 
  - Go to the Lumbridge cemetery and talk to one of the ghosts. 
  - Complete the riddle with the following solution.

  - Talk to Pestilence again. 
4. Death's dogwalker
  - Talk to Death's dogwalker in the north-eastern part of the Draynor Manor grounds.
  - Go to the mansion and find five sets of Chewed Bones. Three can be found on ground floor, one on the 1st floor and one on the 2nd floor.  
  - Find Muncher behind you in a cutscene. 
  - Go outside through the kitchen and come back to the dogwalker with Muncher. 
  - Dig around the graveyard area near him for small doggy bones. The spade received from dogwalker indicates the distance to the location of the bones: "Ice cold." (5 tiles), "Cold." (3 tiles), "Hot!" (2 tiles), and "So close!" (1 tile away).
  - Hand in these bones to the dogwalker. 

Miniquest rewards in RS Halloween 2020 

Upon the completion of the four quests in Halloween 2020 event, you will get the following rewards: 
1. Death: 500 spooky tokens, Death's Hood cosmetic override, fragmented souls giving you spooky tokens and Divination experience. 
2. Famine: 500 spooky tokens 
3. Pestilence: 500 spooky tokens
4. Death's dogwalker: Muncher pet for the first time, 10 spooky tokens per bone, 20 spooky tokens per big bone. 

Have fun in RS Halloween 2020 event! And don't forget to buy cheap RS3 gold from us anytime. 

The RS3gold Team   

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