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Details of OSRS Tempoross Boss with Location, XP Rates & Stats

Time: 12/05/20

Previously we have introduced some basic information of Tempoross. And based on the newest Poll Blog, we will bring more details of OSRS Tempoross boss, such as location, XP rates and more.  

Location of OSRS Tempoross fishing boss 

Tempoross is a new fishing boss that requires all members with at least level 35 Fishing to fight. Once this new boss is launched, you will be able to arrive at the Sea Spirit Dock by taking a small group of rowing boats from Al Kharid. Please note that Tempoross will appear between two boats. 

Three important stats of OSRS Tempoross 

OSRS Tempoross will be able to use several abilities to attack you during this fight. If you want to defeat it, you have to know its three important stats, including:
1. Energy: behaving like regenerating armor and being reduced in phase 1. 
2. Spirit: behaving like Health and being reduced in phase 2.
3. Storm Intensity: Phase 1 failure timer. It will continuously increase and attack with more frequency and power. While reaching 100%, your party will be forced to retreat until it subsides. So you must reduce its Energy before reaching 100%.      

XP rates from OSRS Tempoross boss 

Tempoross is a new and fun way to train Fishing skill. The XP rates will scale according to your Fishing level. For example: 
Level 35 Fishing: 30k XP per hour. 
Level 70 Fishing: 70k XP per hour. 
Level 99 Fishing: 80k XP per hour. 
You need to be aware that the XP rates may be able to change based on testing, balancing and your feedback. 

More information of OSRS Tempoross will be updated at our site. By the way, you can also buy cheap OSRS gold from us. 

The RS3gold Team      

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