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OSRS Blowpipe Nerf 2021 with Planned Stats Revealed on Jan 21

Time: 01/22/21

Old School Team has proposed to implement OSRS Blowpipe nerf 2021 in the near future, which is an important part of equipment rebalancing. Below you will learn the proposed new stats of Toxic Blowpipe as well as the effects.   

OSRS Blowpipe nerf 2021 on Ranged attack & others 

Rebalancing the Blowpipe is probably the focus of attention due to the Attack speed of 2 game cycles (originally intended 3 game cycles). Taking the opportunity of equipment rebalancing, Old School plans to make some nerfs to Blowpipe, such as: 
1. Ranged Attack
Proposed stats: 30
Current stats: 60
2. Ranged str
Proposed stats: 25
Current stats: 40
3. Bronze Dart 
Accuracy: from 3 to 2
Strength: from 1 to 1
4. Iron Dart
Accuracy: from 4 to 3
Strength: from 3 to 2
5. Steel Dart
Accuracy: from 5 to 4
Strength: from 4 to 3
6. Black Dart
Accuracy: from 7 to 5
Strength: from 6 to 4
7. Mithril Dart
Accuracy: from 8 to 6
Strength: from 7 to 6
8. Adamant Dart
Accuracy: from 11 to 7
Strength: from 10 to 8
9. Rune Dart
Accuracy: from 15 to 11
Strength: from 14 to 14
10. Dragon dart
Accuracy: from 18 to 15
Strength: from 20 to 20

Effects of OSRS Blowpipe nerf 2021

Due to the changes on OSRS Blowpipe, there would be some effects listed below:
1. Bandos: Melee will exceed the Toxic Blowpipe unless Defence reducing specs are involved.
2. Zulrah: The better option for Zulrah's "Blue Phase" will still be Toxic Blowpipe if you don't have a Twisted Bow. 
3. Vorkath
- Blowpipe won't be the best weapon for those without any Dragon Hunter weaponry. 
- The use of a Dragon or Armadyl Crossbow will exceed Blowpipe when Defence-reducing special attacks miss. 
- Higher dps from using the Blowpipe with higher accuracy Ranged armour than with the full Void Knight armour set. 
4. Fight Caves: Melee will have higher DPS than the Toxic Blowpipe against higher Defence monsters in the cave. 

Preview the details of OSRS Blowpipe nerf 2021 from us. And you can be able to buy cheap OSRS gold at our site as well. 

The RS3gold Team    

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