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RS Tales of the God Wars Guide: Requirement, Walkthrough & Rewards

Time: 09/14/20

RS Tales of the God Wars is a quest serving as the introduction to the Heart of Gielinor. Completing it will award with rewards useful for entering the dungeon. So, read below to learn how to complete this quest quickly. 

Fast walkthrough to RS Tales of the God Wars 

As a member-only quest, completing Tales of the God Wars requires level 70 Constitution, level 60 Strength or level 60 Agility. Below is the fast walkthrough shared to finish this quest: 
1. Speak to The Curator at the Heart of Gielinor in north of Agility Pyramid. Ensure to have at least 4 open inventory spots. 
2. Please ensure to bring the chapters with you to fill them. 
3. Chapter 1: collect 20 memory fragments at the Incandescent wisp Divination spot, south of the Poison Waste in Isafdar and west of Castle Wars. 
4. Chapter 2, use the empty chapter on the Barrows reward chest. 
5. Chapter 3, you need to kill 40 Zamorak creatures in the God Wars Dungeon to access to K'ril Tsutsaroth. Then kill K'ril Tsutsaroth once at the God Wars Dungeon. 
6. Chapter 4, you have to kill 20 each of young grotworms, grotworms and mature grotworms in any order at the Grotworm Lair located at the White Knight Camp in the west of Port Sarim. 
7. Come back to the Heart of Gielinor. 
8. Read the floating tome to deposit the chapters. 
9. Read the tome again and choose the final memory. Then watch the cutscene. Please note that you don't need to watch the other memories. 
10. Speak with The Curator. 

Rewards for RS Tales of the God Wars 

Upon the completion, you can be able to get these rewards: 
- Magic lamp, awarding 30,000 experience. 
- 25 The Heart teleport tablets, teleporting the player to the Heart of Gielinor. 
- An anima crystal, increasing the player's reputation with one of the factions by 500. 

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The RS3gold Team

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