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Learn Details of RS Essence of Finality Amulet Hotfixes & More

Time: 09/12/20

What changes have been made to RS Essence of Finality amulet? Here you can be able to learn the specific hotfixes to Essence of Finality amulet. Besides, you can also know other fixes below from us. 

Hotfixes to RS Essence of Finality amulet 

According to the official Updates on Sep. 7, some issues related to Essence of Finality amulet have been resolved, including: 
1. Fix an issue where special attacks could be used with mismatched attack styles through the Essence of Finality amulet. 
2. Never incorrectly refund Adrenaline while swapping Essence of Finality amulets. 

Other hotfixes announced on Sep. 7 

Through the Game Updates on Sep. 7, it also reveals other hotfixes that you may be interested in, such as: 
1. Broadcast will not be available again for those who had five or ten year Veteran Capes before September 2014. 
2. Now the broadcast messages for five and ten year Veteran Capes are world broadcasts rather than global ones. 
3. Skipping an ingredient in Traveling Artisan interface won't remove all "Travelling Artisan Patches" from the Bank any more. 
4. The issue where new players could not complete or unlock area task Achievements has been fixed. 
5. The issue causing Pauline Polaris to become invisible for players progressing through the "Lunar Diplomacy" quest has been resolved. 
6. The issue where legendary pet abilities would never come off cooldown if the player logged out or hopped worlds has been resolved. 

With an toward to RS Essence of Finality amulet hotfixes and more. What's more, you can be able to buy cheap RS3 gold at our site anytime. 

The RS3gold Team

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