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How to Kill OSRS Sourhog for Various Drops in A Porcine of Interest?

Time: 09/12/20

With A Porcine of Interest live, we share a guide teaching you how to kill OSRS Sourhog monster. Upon defeating this slayer monster, you will obtain a series of drops from it. 

Creation of OSRS Sourhog monster  

Sourhog is a boar-like monster that you have to kill in the new A Porcine of Interest quest. Each year there are two farmers competing in a competition. Since the winner is the same farmer each year, out of jealousy the other farmer hires a dark wizard to turn one of his pigs into the Sourhog. But the Sourhog escapes and breeds more of its own kind. 

Defeat OSRS Sourhog with reinforced goggles 

OSRS Sourhog with level 37 has extremely acidic saliva that will burn your eyes, drain your current Attack and Defence by 90% as well as cause 20-30 damage each hit. Therefore, while fighting against Sourhog, you have to wear reinforced goggles to protect yourself from its acid attack. And lower leveled players have to bring some food.
Reinforced goggles are a piece of Slayer equipment worn in the head slot. You can obtain one pair for free during A Porcine of Interest quest. And additional pairs can be bought for 100 coins from any Slayer Master after the quest. 

Drops from OSRS Sourhog slayer monster 

Once you defeat OSRS Sourhog in A Porcine of Interest, you will be able to obtain these drops, like: 
- Big bones
- Adamant scimitar
- Adamant kiteshield
- Runes and ammunition, such as mind rune, steel arrow.  
- Herbs, such as grimy guam leaf, grimy marrentill. 
- Seeds, such as marrentill seed, irit seed. 
Apart from these drops, you can also receive coins and other loots. 

Hope this guide can help you defeat OSRS Sourhog easily. One more thing, please buy cheap OSRS gold and other goods from us all the time. 

The RS3gold Team 

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