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RS Penguin Hide and Seek Rework Live with D&D Reset Token on Sep. 14

Time: 09/15/20

To celebrate the 12th year of RS Penguin Hide and Seek, you can see loads of changes and improvements to Reward Shop and others. In addition, you can also be able to obtain D&D reset token as the penguin celebration bonus until Sep. 27.  

RS Penguin Hide and Seek changes on Sep. 14 

Penguin Hide and Seek is one of the broadest extensions of Distractions and Diversions, which has been 12 years. Now, there are plenty of updates coming to it on Sep. 14, including: 
1. Rebalance the XP/GP prices of all the items in the new Reward Shop. 
2. Add new rewards to Reward Shop, including "Birdwatcher" and "Spymaster" titles, baby penguin pet called Sheldon, and a Transmog Case allowing to disguise yourself as a penguin.
3. Add a new kind of currency: Penguins Spotted, which gains upgrades to the Penguin Spy Device.
4. Finding Secret Agent penguins can award you with 2 Penguin Points and a Treasure Trail casket ranging from Easy to Master. 
5. Spotting a regular penguin every time can provide a chance that Agent 007 can appear in your vicinity. 
6. Agent 007 can award you with 2 Penguin Points and a Treasure Trail casket. 
7. Add two new achievements that are available until Nov. 9: 
  - From Ardougne With Love: fully upgrade the Penguin Spotting Device  
  - Penguin Adoption Agency: unlock the Sheldon pet 

Obtain RS Penguin Hide and Seek celebration bonus until Sep. 27 

2020 is the twelfth year of RS Penguin Hide and Seek rework. To celebrate this occasion, a flurry of KGP activity is available all over Gielinor from Sep. 14 to Sep. 27. During this period, Agents 001-006 spawn more frequently, and spotting your first penguin can give you a D&D reset token. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled for penguin celebration bonus. 

With an eye toward to RS Penguin Hide and Seek rework and remember to get the celebration bonus. Moreover, please choose us to buy cheap RS3 gold at best price. 

The RS3gold Team       

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