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Four RS Activity Pets Released with Appearances & Unlock Method

Time: 02/02/21

It's announced that RS Activity Pets designed by players have been released this week. You can start to unlock the four Activity Pets now. The more information about the pets and the unlock method is introduced below. 

Mune RS Activity Pet available to unlock 

Mune is an area pet designed by Suizzy, wandering Gielinor every 2-4 hours. It only appears to players who have proved their local knowledge by completing Elite Area Task Achievements, and can wander about 30 minutes before leaving. Mune has six appearances that can be unlocked by finding Mune in different regions, like:
1. Monday
Environment: Desert 
Requirements: Desert Set tasks (elite)
2. Tuesday
Environment: Forest
Requirements: Tirannwn Set tasks (elite)
3. Wednesday
Environment: Ice
Requirements: Fremennik Set tasks (elite)
4. Thursday
Environment: Swamp
Requirements: Morytania Set tasks (elite)
5. Friday
Environment: Wilderness
Requirements: Wilderness Set tasks (elite)
6. Saturday
Environment: Random
Requirements: Dependent on area (see above)
7. Sunday
Environment: Random
Requirements: Dependent on area (see above)


More RS Activity Pets available to unlock 

1. Richie
Richie is a fancy magpie moneymaking pet designed by KariChibi. It has four appearances that can be unlocked with certain amount of GP, including: 
- 100,000,000GP
- 1,000,000,000GP
- 5,000,000,000GP 
- 10,000,000,000GP

2. Artemis
Artemis is a Clue Scroll pet designed by Wild Kitzune. It can be unlocked by activating a Golden Compass which can be obtained by completing clue steps and opening caskets.

3. Zez
Zez is a RuneScore pet designed by Babysteps. It can be unlocked at 5,000 RuneScore. While reaching the following levels of RuneScore, Zez can get a new appearance: 
- 10,000 RuneScore
- 15,000 RuneScore
- 20,000 RuneScore
- 25,000 RuneScore


Follow the guide to unlock your RS Activity Pets. One more thing, please continue to choose for cheap RS3 gold

The RS3gold Team 

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