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Get RS Imcando Pistol & Abyssal Prowler Pet in Oddments Store

Time: 02/02/21

This week there are loads of rare items added to Oddments Store, such as RS Imcando Pistol, Abyssal Prowler pet and other items. Besides, you can also get 15,000 extra oddments and 15 Treasure Hunter keys, which are awarded due to the rare item tokens' changes. 

RS Imcando Pistol & Abyssal Prowler pet in Oddments Store 

From this week you can buy Imcando Pistol with 100 oddments and Abyssal Prowler pet with 5,000 oddments in Oddments Store. 
Imcando Pistol is a ranged weapon which is created by the Imcando dwarves. Its level can scale up to 70. You can right-click Imcando Pistol to generate an off-hand Imcando Pistol. 
Abyssal Prowler is a pet unlocked by completing tier 15 premium task of Count Yakula's Yak Track. But now you can pay for 5,000 oddments to claim it from Oddments Store.

More rare items available in RS Oddments Store

Apart from Imcando Pistol and Abyssal Prowler pet, you can also be able to get other rare items in Oddments Store, including cosmetics, outfits, pets and so on. 
1. Cosmetics
- Beach Sand Helmet/Chestplate/Legguards overrides: 500 oddments each
- Beach Sand Gauntlets/Sabatons overrides: 150 oddments each
- Beach Sand Cape override: 800 oddments
- Furies Agent horns/chest/trousers overrides: 500 oddments each
- Furies Agent gauntlets/greaves overrides: 150 oddments each
- Furies Agent wings override: 800 oddments
2. Outfits
- Arcane Blood Mage outfit override: 2,000 oddments  
- Oathbreaker outfit override: 10,000 oddments 
- Nevermore Stalker outfit override: 20,000 oddments
3. Pets
- Spooky Raven pet: 10,000 oddments
- Witch's Doll pet: 8,000 oddments
- Zak pet: 15,000 oddments
- Santa Paws Costume: 2,000 oddments 
If you want to learn all available items, please go to Oddments Store to have a look. 

In a word, get RS Imcando Pistol, Abyssal Prowler pet and others right now. And you can buy RS3 gold cheap with 6% off from us all the time.

The RS3gold Team      

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