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Get RS Phoenix Aura & More from Phoenix Lamps TH Promotion Until Aug 3

Time: 07/31/20

Seek for RS Phoenix Aura? Just take part in the current Phoenix Lamps TH promotion to obtain Phoenix aura token in order to unlock this override. Apart from it, you may obtain Phoenix lamps or others as your reward.    

Enjoy RS Phoenix Lamps TH promotion until Aug 3 

You can now take part in Phoenix Lamps TH promotion again until Aug. 3. During this promotion, you can be able to choose one from three prizes contained in the chest you open. And players who open Treasure Hunter promotion for the first time will be awarded two medium Phoenix lamps. 

RS Phoenix Aura & more rewards in Phoenix Lamps TH promotion 

You may have a chance to unlock RS Phoenix Aura override by Phoenix aura token that can be obtained from Phoenix Lamps promotion. Beyond of this, you can also receive a chance to get Phoenix lamp and other prizes. And here is a list showing all the prizes you may obtain: 
Phoenix aura token: used to unlock Phoenix Aura override. 
Phoenix Mimic token: used to unlock the Phoenix Mimic pet.
Phoenix Wing backpack token: used to unlock the Phoenix Wing Backpack override.
Small Phoenix lamp
Medium Phoenix lamp
Large Phoenix lamp 
Huge Phoenix lamp 

Remind you that RS Phoenix Aura override has been available to get hold of from Phoenix Lamps TH promotion. By the way, don't forget to buy cheap RS3 gold and more from us at all times. 

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