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Guide to RS Desperate Measures: Walkthrough, Requirements & Rewards

Time: 07/28/20

With the release of new RS Desperate Measures quest, here we share a guide about fast walkthrough, requirements and rewards with all of you. Read on for more details. 

Fast walkthrough to new RS Desperate Measures 

To complete the new Desperate Measures quest, we share the quick guide below to help you a lot: 
1. Speak to Seren on the 1st floor of Burthorpe Castle in the north of the Burthorpe Lodestone to start the quest.
2. Speak to Mr. Mordaut in the Anachronia Base Camp.
3. Run north of the Anachronia base camp and down the two flights of stairs to the dragonkin gate. Don't begin the agility course.
4. Speak to Thok and walk down the path towards Anachronia's base camp. 
5. Speak to Laniakea and go into the base camp, then speak to Charos.
6. Excavate at the spot south of Charos and Thok to obtain and repair Dragonkin device, then return it to Charos. 
7. Excavate at the spot north of Charos to obtain and repair the Dragonkin tablet, then return it to Charos.
8. Find Hannibus on the ranch on Anachronia and then show the two devices to him. 
9. Go to the ruins in the north east of Anachronia and talk to Hannibus.
10. "Cycle" the Symbol, remember these symbols and talk with Hannibus to exit the dream. 
11. Cycle each symbol outside of the dream until they match what you saw in the dream. 
12. Reenter and start the dream again. Follow the second Dragonkin outside until they walk to the door at the front and speak a passphrase. 
13. Talk to Hannibus and exit the dream. Return to the front of the ruins and enter the door with the passphrase you heard.
14. Talk to Hannibus again inside the front door to enter another shared dream, and speak with him to begin a shared memory.
15. Attack Kerapac after the cutscene.
16. Come back to Seren in Burthope and talk to her. 
17. Talk to Primrose in her house to the west of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony.
18. Come back and speak to Seren at the entrance to The Heart. 
19. Talk with Jas and pick up neutral or positive dialogue options. 
20. Talk to Charos on Anachronia.
21. Talk with Thok to begin the fight without anything in your hands.
22. Talk to Charos after the fight is complete. Head north towards the Anachronia Agility Course and talk to Charos again.
23. Use The Measure near Charos four times in the ruined areas, one near the entrance where you talk to him, two south west of the volcano and one near the camouflaged jadinkos north east of the volcano.
24. Talk to Charos again to enter Kerapac's lab. 
25. Use a tome in the southwest section of the map to solve Kerapac's pylon puzzles. Input the correct Elder God's name in each pylon to de-activate them: ZA2, TAN, 2A?, EA2(start from the south-west and work clock-wise).

Jas Ful Wen Bik
26. Go into the room to the north and get ready for the fight with Black Stone Dragon. 
27. After defeating Black Stone Dragon, escape from the lab with a set timer. 
28. Come back to Seren in Burthorpe. 

Requirements & rewards for RS Desperate Measures 

RS Desperate Measures is a member-only quest, which requires level 50 Archaeology, level 50 Agility and level 75 Combat as well as the completion of Desperate Times to complete. Upon the completion, you will be able to obtain these rewards:
3 quest points 
20,000 Archaeology experience lamp 
20,000 Combat experience lamp 
Cosmic Focus 
Thok's Stick cosmetic override 
Remototem base 
Ability to complete the Desperate for Artefacts Archaeology collection 
2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice  

Hope this guide can help you a lot with RS Desperate Measures. Besides, please come to us to buy cheap RS3 gold at all times.

The RS3gold Team 

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