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Learn Proposed Changes to OSRS Nightmare of Ashihama & Others

Time: 10/03/20

From Poll 73, we have learned that some changes may be planned to make for OSRS Nightmare of Ashihama. Besides, Player Owned House may also have several proposed changes for combat dummy.  

Proposed changes to OSRS Nightmare of Ashihama 

According to the Poll 73 blog, we learn that there are several changes proposed for Nightmare of Ashihama, such as: 
1. Players may be able to block all husk damage while praying correctly. 
2. Each player for groups of five or more may get 200 to shield and 60 to totem shields. 
3. The start time for the first Nightmare fight of an instance may be reduced to 30 seconds from 40. And subsequent fights would then start while the Nightmare is disturbed. 
4. The scaling of the Nightmare pet drop chance may be changed as followings: 
  - 1/800 for solo players  
  - 1/1600 for duos  
  - 1/2400 groups of 3  
  - 1/3200 for groups of 4  
  - 1/4000 for groups of 5+ 

Proposed changes to OSRS Player Owned House in Poll 73 

Besides, Poll 73 also reveals some proposed changes for Player Owned House. The PoH combat dummy may be added several functionalities, including: 
1. Dragonbane: attaching a Vorkath head to test the maximum hit of dragonbane weapons.  
2. Keris: attaching 10 Ensouled Kalphite heads to test the maximum hit of the keris against Kalphites and Scarabites.  
3. Leaf Bladed: attaching a Kurask head to test maximum hit against King Kurasks, Kurasks and Turoths with Leaf-Bladed weapons. 
4. Silver Weapons: attaching 20 Vampyre dust to test the maximum hit against Vampyres with silver weapons. 
5. Revenant Weapons: attaching 500 Revenant Ether to test the maximum hit of Craw's Bow, Thammorans Sceptre and Viggora's Chainmace. 

How do you think of OSRS Nightmare of Ashihama proposed changes? Anyway, cheap OSRS gold is always for sale at our site. 

The RS3gold Team  

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