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RS Interface Scaling & Camera Offset Features on the Beta World

Time: 07/23/20

With the Game Update released on Jul. 22, we know that there are something new live on the Beta world, including RS Interface Scaling beta, Camera Offset and Game Render Scaling. You can try them now to experience the improvements.   

RS Interface Scaling beta with increased size of interface 

Interface Scaling means that the global size of RS interface to whatever is increased and it's most comfortable for you. And 4k owners now can be out of magnifying glasses and read the game's text with ease. You can change the size through these steps: Settings> graphics> Interface Scaling. Here is a picture showing the interface on a 4k Screen with interface scaling:

Interface Scaling 

RS Camera Offset & Game Render Scaling on the Beta world 

Alongside the Interface Scaling, RS Team also releases Camera Offset and Game Render Scaling on the Beta world. 
As for Camera Offset, the height of the view is raised to help you navigate through tall trees and densely-crowded areas. This can be changed in Settings> camera> System> Look offset. 
And the Game Render Scaling is also open for you to try, which scales the game view separately to help squeeze out more performance both on high resolution displays and lower-end hardware. This can be changed in Settings> Graphics> Game Render Scaling. 

All in all, come to have a try on RS Interface Scaling and other features on the Beta world. What's more, please continue to buy cheap RS3 gold and more at our site. 

The RS3gold Team  

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