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Improvements & Fixes to RS Orthen Dig Site Announced This Week

Time: 11/07/20

This week RS Orthen Dig Site has something improved and fixed. And you can learn the detailed changes below from us. 

Improvements to RS Orthen Dig Site 

The improvements made for Orthen Dig Site covers different aspects, including: 
1. Now Mr Mordaut can be able to help with the "Know Thy Measure" mystery. 
2. Currently screening volcanic ash can be able to progress appropriate Yak Track tasks. 
3. Now the cooked fish obtained with the Catspaw can be deposited within magical nets at the Deep Sea Fishing Hub. 
4. Now the Grace of the Elves effect can't be prioritised over that of the Orthen Furnace Core when using Superheat Form any more. 

Fixes to RS Orthen Dig Site 

In addition, some issues occurred in RS Orthen Dig Site are also fixed, such as: 
1. The requirements of "Mysterious City" mystery now is corrected.   
2. Fixed an issue that was stopping the Heart of Stone puzzles from opening if you had previously interacted with Orthen. 
3. Giles, Velucia, and Sharrigan have updated their dragonkin symbols in the Collectors interface. 
4. Now the fish caught in ScapeRune are raw when using the Bait and Switch Relic. 
5. RS team has updated the journal entry "mind your head" and certain lore page entries in order to fix minor typos. 

In a word, here are all the changes to RS Orthen Dig Site this week. One more thing, please remember to buy cheap RS3 gold at our site anytime. We are fast, safe and cheap!

The RS3gold Team     

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