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Learn 11-20 Tiers of RS Count Yakula's Yak Track Tasks with Rewards

Time: 12/07/19

How is your progress in RS Count Yakula's Yak Track event so far? Today we want to share the missions of Yak Track tasks from 11 to 20 tiers. And you can also learn the rewards you can get from them. 

What to do within 11-20 tiers of RS Count Yakula's Yak Track tasks? 

There are the two kinds of tasks of each tier from 11 to 20 you need to do in Yak Track event:
1. Tier 11
Task A: Make potions such as 1,250 or more antipoison, or 1,395 super runecrafting or above, or 1,530 or more weapon poison++. Super runecrafting includes super magic potion, invention potion, stamina potion etc. 
Task B: Complete five dungeon floors. Only Occult and warped floors count. 
2. Tier 12
Task A: Salute in Burthorpe Military Camp
Task B: Listen to a musician in Al Kharid
3. Tier 13
Task A: Mine 150 or 180 ore, suh as Orichalcite ore, drakolith, necrite ore, phasmatite, banite ore, light animica, and dark animica.
Task B: String 1,000 rune crossbows or above.
4. Tier 14
Task A: Harvest 20 or more of snapdragon or cadantine
Task B: Bury, scatter, or sacrifice 660
5. Tier 15
Task A: Smith 50 or more items of Orikalkum 
Task B: Cook 1,250 or more items of Pitta bread, or 1250 Catfish or above.
6. Tier 16
Task A: Make 1,015 Mahogany fancy dress boxes or above 
Task B: String 1500 Rune crossbows or above 
7. Tier 17 
Task A: 96 laps of wilderness course and above 
Task B: Cook 1,250 or more Catfish 
8. Tier 18 
Task A: 3420 or more Hydra pouches 
Task B: Smith 50 or more Orikalkum items 
9. Tier 19 
Task A: Make 2,090 or more Antipoisons 
Task B: 1,000 or more Wyvern bones 
10. Tier 20 
Task A: Speak to 8 God emissaries 
Task B: Cook 1 food in Lumbridge and sell it to the Falador general store 

Rewards from 11-20 task tiers in RS Count Yakula's Yak Track

When you complete the tasks shared above, you can get the following rewards from tier 11 to 20: 
- 25 silverhawk down for both tracks  
- Large and small bonus XP star for Free prize, and Bloody Greataxe for Premier 
- Large prismatic lamp and small cash bag for all 
- 2/3 advanced pulse cores for Free and Premier respectively 
- Raise the Dead emote for Free; Abyssal Prowler pet, Horrible Head and +2% Summoning XP for Premier 
- 25 tight springs for all
- Small cash bag for all; large bonus XP star for Free 
- Uncaged Skull and Uncaged Skull off-hand for Free; Raven Wings for Premier; 5 protean powerups for all 
- 2/1 large prismatic lamps for Free and Premier respectively; small cash bag for all 
- Small protean pack for all; +2% Slayer XP for Premier 

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The RS3gold Team

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