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Learn OSRS Soul Wars Changes on Ectoplasmator & More on Jan 13

Time: 01/14/21

According to the Game Updates on Jan. 13, we know that OSRS Soul Wars will bring a series of changes this week, such as Ectoplasmator changes. Go ahead to see the details of Soul Wars changes. 

OSRS Soul Wars changes on Ectoplasmator reward  

Ectoplasmator is a reward for Soul Wars minigame. This week it will be changed as following: 
1. Increase the experience given by Ectoplasmator to 20% of the creature's health. 
2. More enemies are classified as spectral, including: 
- Ankou
- Deviant spectres 
- Twisted banshees 
- Treus Dayth
3. You can use Monster Examine spell to check a monster's spectral status. Here is a list of monsters you can check: 
Shades (including Mort'ton shades) 
Tortured souls 
Spiritual creatures 
Aberrant spectres 
Death wings 
Barrows Brothers

More OSRS Soul Wars changes updated on Jan. 13 

On top of that, there are also more Soul Wars changes revealed in the Game Updates on Jan. 13: 
1. Inactivity timer will tick down 10 seconds after a game starts. 
2. Examine the items in the "Other" section of the Reward Shop. 
3. Bearded characters' chatheads can be displayed in all their fuzzy glory in the Soul Wars tutorial. 
4. Add a "Check" option to the Spoils of War in the Reward shop to show how many you've opened. 
5. Reduce the time before you're allowed to exit a Graveyard to 10 seconds. While exiting, you can also receive immunity. 
6. You will be pulled in when you try to attack Avatars from outside the boss room. 
7. Bandage healing will show the name of the player healing you. 
8. Skulled players on Deadman worlds can't start the Soul Wars tutorial or enter a waiting area.
9. Bones and soul fragments will appear above other dropped items in Soul Wars. 
10. Opening Spoils of War on Entrana is impossible.  
11. Gravestones won't appear in Soul Wars waiting areas. 
12. You will not bypass the temporary ban for leaving a game early by hopping to another world. 
13. Rebalance the quantities of certain items in the Spoils of War.
14. Soul Wars is now available in only 3 worlds: 320 US, 350 UK, and 535 AUS. 

In a word, learn these OSRS Soul Wars changes from us now. And you can also buy cheap OSRS gold at our site. 

The RS3gold Team    

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