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New RS Desperate Measures Quest Featuring Anachronia & Kerapac Coming

Time: 01/24/20

There will be a new quest named Desperate Measures added to RS. The specific time of the release date is still unknown. But you can learn the two features of this quest first from us.    

New RS Desperate Measures quest upcoming 

Desperate Measures is a new quest planned to added to RS. It was first revealed at RuneFest 2019. Currently RS team is working on the new quest and plans to launch it in February 2020 or later. This quest is the sequel to Desperate Times quest that is a continuation of the Elder Gods quest series, and will feature Anachronia and Kerapac. 

RS Desperate Measures features: Anachronia & Kerapac

Anachronia and Kerapac are the two features of Desperate Measures quest. 
Anachronia is a prehistoric-style jungle island in north-east of Daemonheim, which is also known as Fossil Island or The Land Out of Time. And you may take part in several activities in this island, such as Big Game Hunter. 
Another feature of Desperate Measures is Kerapac, a Dactyl dragonkin. He also appears in Desperate Times quest after the failure of Seren's attempts in organising efforts to appease the elder gods in a peaceful way. Kerapac is blunt, highly intelligent and completely amoral, and likes to do almost anything in order to rid the dragonkin of Jas's curse. He also can become enraged easily, for example, he speared a student in the throat for a minor reason. In the meanwhile, Kerapac is extremely powerful. He has fought with Jas's curse for millions of years. 

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