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RS 20th Anniversary Quest Guide with Walkthrough & Items Required

Time: 01/05/21

In the first week of Grand Party, you can be able to complete RS 20th anniversary quest to gain 20th Anniversary cake. The fast walkthrough of the quest is listed below. Take a sneak peek to complete it quickly. 

RS 20th anniversary quest guide with items required 

One of Grand Party's features is weekly events. The first week of the event is RS 20th anniversary quest, involving three miniquests to complete for 20th Anniversary cake. Once completed, you will be rewarded with Anniversary cake, and members can also receive a huge prismatic lamp. Before starting the quest, you need to bring these necessary items: 
- A bucket
- A ghostspeak amulet, or any method of communicating with ghosts
- 3 eggs
- 2 cabbages
- 1 tomato

Fast walkthrough to RS 20th anniversary quest 

Starting the quest by talking to Cook at the southwest of Lumbridge Crater. He will give you a 20th Anniversary cake ingredients list and ask you to collect these ingredients, including: 
1. Extra, extra fine flour
- Speak to Millie Miller at the north of the crater inside the Lumbridge mill. 
- Talk with Father Aereck who replaces the Restless ghost's head with the extra, extra fine flour. 
- Head to southeast corner of the Lumbridge graveyard, open the coffin and talk to the restless ghost. 
- Go south into the Lumbridge Swamp until you see rocks that can be searched. Search the rocks. 
- Go to the shack in the west of the rocks, and speak to Father Urhney for Father Urhney's spare skull. 
- Turn in the skull to the ghost, and take the flour. 
2. Top quality milk 
- Milk the prized dairy cow in the Lumbridge cow pen, and then talk to Gillie Groats. 
- Speak with Yanni on the east side of the crater.
- Talk with Hans on the west side of the crater.
- Speak to Thok at the southeast of the crater.
- Talk with the Sandwich Lady at the north side of the crater for a square sandwich. 
- Give sandwich to Thok for a big rock. 
- Give big rock to Hans for the red mahogany logs. 
- Give red mahogany logs to Yanni for the top quality milk.
3. Colossal egg
- Speak to Fred the Farmer. 
- Talk with Oziach in the northern section of the crater.
- Speak to Duke Horacio for equipment to help with the dragon. Receive frying pan from him. 
- Talk with Oracle for the information about a map to the dragon.
- Speak with Eli Bacon at the Falador Farm and give him 3 eggs, 2 cabbages and a tomato. 
- Go to the Port Sarim jail and talk to the highwayman.
- Talk with Mr Mordaut and give him the frying pan for the colossal egg. 
After collecting the three items, come back to Cook with the items for 20th Anniversary cake. 

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The RS3gold Team 

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