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RS Firemaking Updates & Freedom Camera Mode Added on Mar 25

Time: 03/25/19

Some adjustment related to Firemaking is made on March 25, including changes to Incense burners, fire spirits and others. Additionally, you can enjoy a new Freedom camera mode with increased zoom distance and top-down angle.

Firemaking updates on Incense Burners & more

A number of updates related to RuneScape Firemaking have been launched in game. The Incense Burners RuneScape combines the use of logs, herbs and impious, accursed or infernal ashes. There are some effects which benefit skilling and combat if the Incense Burners are burnt. The buff can last for 30 minutes, and increase in potency every 10 minutes. Both of the components and finished Incense Burners are tradeable.
In addition, there are also some changes to fire spirits RuneScape. A timer bar is added to fire spirits to show how long they are going to stay. Rewards from fire spirits are given in an item which will stack in the inventory. Some less valuable items are removed from the drop tables, while a bonus experience buff is added. Wearing the Ring of Fire and Fire Gloves increases the chance of getting a fire spirit by 1%.

New RuneScape Freedom camera mode

A new camera mode, RuneScape Freedom camera mode is added to game with this update on March 25. This new camera mode provides increased zoom distance and top-down angle, and there are the levels of zoom in or out of the action that you are able to achieve:
RuneScape Freedom camera mode

RuneScape Freedom camera mode

RuneScape Freedom camera mode

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