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Add Several RS Count Yakula's Yak Track Rewards to Oddment Store

Time: 05/13/20

Don't get hold of some items from Yak Track? Never mind. RS team has added several Count Yakula's Yak Track rewards to RS Oddment Store, like Spooky Raven pet and more. You can now buy these rewards from the Oddment Store with certain amount of oddments.     

Buy RS Count Yakula's Yak Track rewards in Oddment Store

Jagex has made some Count Yakula's Yak Track rewards available to be purchased in RS Oddment Store with oddments. If you don't have these spookily good items and you want to have more, just head to the Oddment Store to claim the Yak Track rewards:
Spooky Raven pet requiring 10,000 oddments to purchase.  
Abyssal Prowler pet requiring 5,000 oddments to purchase. 
Witch's Doll pet requiring 8,000 oddments to purchase. 
Zak pet requiring 15,000 oddments to purchase. 
Arcane Blood Mage outfit requiring 2,000 oddments to purchase.
Oathbreaker outfit requiring 10,000 oddments to purchase.
Nevermore Stalker outfit requiring 20,000 oddments to purchase.

How to obtain RS oddments?

To purchase these Count Yakula's Yak Track rewards, you must have abundant oddments that are the currency obtained when you open Treasure Hunter chest. The amount of oddments depends on the rarity of the prize and whether it is subsequently claimed or discarded:
1. Common: 10 oddments when claimed and 30 when discarded.
2. Fairly Common: 25 oddments when claimed and 75 when discarded.
3. Uncommon: 50 oddments when claimed and 150 when discarded.
4. Rare: 100 oddments when claimed and 350 when discarded.
5. Very rare: 250 oddments when claimed and 1,000 when discarded.
6. Ultra rare: 1,000 oddments when claimed and 2,000 when discarded.

Come to claim your Count Yakula's Yak Track rewards from Oddment Store instantly. Besides, please continue to buy cheap RS3 gold from us.

The RS3gold Team

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