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Learn RS Raptor's Chest of Slaying Updates with Rewards & Location

Time: 05/11/20

Ninja Strike has changed hordes of small requests. One of them is RS Raptor's chest of slaying, which is updated with new drops and location. Please read on for more changes and updates from us.

Changes to RS Raptor's chest of slaying

Raptor's chest of slaying is a chest that can be unlocked by Raptor's key for various rewards. Now it has been changed a lot by Ninja Strike, including:
1. Change the name from Raptor's Chest to the "Raptor's Chest of Slaying".
2. Move the chest from Burthorpe to War's Retreat.
3. Raptor's Basic Outfit becomes a guaranteed drop, which can be upgraded to the Raptor's Advanced Outfit that will not degrade over time.
4. Add new rewards to Raptor's chest of slaying, like all-new orikalkum salvage.
5. Increase the chance to receive a Raptor weapon from 1/200 to 1/50.

Rewards of RS Raptor's chest of slaying

Opening Raptor's chest of slaying will gain you the following guaranteed rewards: 
Raptor's Basic Outfit 
Inert adrenaline crystal 
Pack mammoth pouch
Slayer VIP ticket
Raptor's lamp
Slayer points
In addition to these rewards, you can also have a chance to obtain Wyvern crossbow, Ripper claw, Off-hand ripper claw, Camel staff, Large blunt/spiky rune salvage, Medium bladed orikalkum salvage and other rare rewards.

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The RS3gold Team

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