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Second Wave of RS iOS Closed Beta Sign-Ups Coming on May 14th

Time: 05/14/20

If you miss the chance to enter RS iOS Closed Beta last time, please seize the chance this time to access to the Beta. It has been confirmed that the second wave of sign-ups will kick off on May. 14 with 2,000 slots. Learn the sign-up steps to prepare for the Beta in advance.  

Sign up RS iOS Closed Beta during the second wave 

RS team has announced that the second wave of RS iOS Closed Beta sign-ups will take effect at 10:00 BST on May. 14. This time around, there will be 2,000 slots available to play. Just check out the TestFlight link to sign up and enjoy RS iOS Closed Beta on your Apple iOS devices.

How to sign up RS iOS Closed Beta? 

To help you seize the chance to sign up RS iOS Closed Beta successfully, we encourage you to learn the steps ahead of time to enter the Beta smoothly when the second wave of sign-ups for RS iOS Closed Beta is live:
1. Head to the App Store and install TestFlight for free on your Apple device.
2. A TestFlight link will be shared on RS official website when RS iOS Closed Beta is live.
3. After the link has opened TestFlight on your iOS device, tap on "Start Testing" (under the "Join the Beta" heading).
4. Download RS iOS Closed Beta by following the instructions within TestFlight.
5. Start playing!

Good luck to all of you and enjoy yourselves during RS iOS Closed Beta. What is more, RS3gold always provides cheap RS3 gold and other related goods with fast delivery. Just come to us anytime if you want!

The RS3gold Team   

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