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Next OSRS Twisted League Under Development with Various Designs

Time: 05/14/20

Expect the new OSRS Twisted League? The second League has been under the development. Take  a sneak peak at the concepts of the next League from us.

What is the second OSRS Twisted League?

OSRS team has come up with several ideas for the next Twisted League. One of them is Gridlocked League that is being considered as the second League. This idea is to split Gielinor into small map squares. At the beginning, you are restricted to one map square, and any adjacent map square will be unlocked with progressing by gaining League Points or completing tasks.
But there are also some technical problems needed to tackle, like being able to remember and store any possible number of map squares a player can be allowed to enter, and displaying those boundaries clearly.

More ideas of the next OSRS Twisted League 

1. Kingdoms and factions: You can choose or be assigned to West or East side at the start of League. And a portal will appear in the center of the world at specific times to allow you to enter the other side. You can also attack any player entering your side because PvP will be enabled between the two regions. Another idea is to divide the world into smaller regions that will collect resources for a huge PvP battle at the end of the event.
2. PvP oriented Leagues: One idea is that the League contains elements from DarkScape, so players only collect the items in that region unless transferred across borders in your inventory. Another idea is "Escalation League" giving boosted XP rates in dangerous zones that can keep you stay longer. If you die in such a zone, all experience will be lost, but you can secure your gained experience and reset the XP-boost multiplier by entering a safe zone.
3. Seasonal League: Split Gielinor into four weather seasons that will rotate over the course of one or a few days. Thus, your run energy will drain slower in winter, crops will grow faster in spring and you will yield more in summer.
4. Scrambled League: All skills are mixed. You can compete on HiScores via pre-made pattern, or bound each one of your skills' XP rates to another skill via a casual random mode. And cutting a maple tree will gain you Fishing experience, pickpocketing a guard will gain you Runecraft XP.

What's your idea of next OSRS Twisted League? Anyway, remember to buy cheap OSRS gold and more at our site.

The RS3gold Team

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