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Get OSRS Spoils of War & More Soul Wars Rewards with Zeal Tokens

Time: 01/08/21

OSRS spoils of war can be claimed with 30 Zeal Tokens in Soul Wars. Additionally, other Soul Wars rewards can also be purchased with certain amount of Zeal Tokens. Come to earn Zeal with the guide below for rewards.  

How to earn Zeal Tokens in OSRS Soul Wars? 

Zeal Tokens are the reward currency in Soul Wars game, which can be used to buy rewards from Nomad. You can earn Zeal Tokens by completing these tasks: 
1. Kill players: the stronger the opponent is, the more Zeal Tokens you can get. 
2. Bury bones.
3. Sacrifice soul fragments. 
4. Deal damage to the opposing team's Avatar.
5. Capture graveyards or the Soul Obelisk. 

Buy OSRS spoils of war with Zeal Tokens 

Spoils of war is one of the rewards for OSRS Soul Wars. It can be purchased with 30 Zeal Tokens from Nomad. And there are also various rewards inside it, including: 
Raw lobster/swordfish/shark
Pure essence
Lil' creator
Uncut ruby
Uncut diamond
Astral/Nature/Blood/Death/Soul runes 
Rune full helm
Rune platebody/platelegs
Dragon dagger/mace/longsword/scimitar/med helm
Mithril/Runite ores
Tooth/Loop half of keys
Cadantine/Snapdragon/Ranarr/Torstol seeds 

Gain more OSRS Soul Wars rewards with Zeal Tokens 

Apart from spoils of war, you can also use Zeal Tokens to buy other Soul Wars rewards in reward shop: 
1. Soul cape: 2500 Zeal Tokens
2. Ectoplasmator: 250 Zeal Tokens
3. Experience: 1, 10, 100 Zeal Tokens can be used per purchase.
4. Imbues: imbuing following items costs totally 3950 Zeal Tokens.
   - Black mask (i): 500 Zeal Tokens
   - Slayer helmet (i): 500 Zeal Tokens
   - Salve amulet (i): 320 Zeal Tokens
   - Salve amulet (e) (i): 320 Zeal Tokens
   - Ring of the gods (i): 260 Zeal Tokens
   - Ring of suffering (i): 290 Zeal Tokens
   - Berserker ring (i): 260 Zeal Tokens
   - Warrior ring (i): 260 Zeal Tokens
   - Archers ring (i): 260 Zeal Tokens
   - Seers ring (i): 260 Zeal Tokens 
   - Tyrannical ring (i): 260 Zeal Tokens
   - Treasonous ring (i): 260 Zeal Tokens
   - Granite ring (i): 200 Zeal Tokens

Purchase OSRS spoils of war and other rewards from Soul Wars. In addition, you can also buy cheap OSRS gold from us. 

The RS3gold Team 

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