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Join in RS Spirit Day Holiday Event with Purple-y Fashionscape

Time: 10/13/20

On Oct. 15, there will be an in-game event observed to celebrate the Spirit Day. Spirit Day is against the bullying and harassment. So, those who are interested in can join in RS Spirit Day holiday event to enjoy the fun. 

When & how to participate in RS Spirit Day holiday event? 

To celebrate the upcoming Spirit Day, the Diversity RS Discord and ScardyGinge will host an in-game event at 19:00 Game Time on Oct. 15. If you are interested and want to join in, you can wear your most purple-y fashionscape at the Well of Goodwill on W25 to join in the fun. If you can't participate in person, you can go to ScardyGinge's stream to see the whole event. During this event, there will be skillin', chillin', and most importantly you can make new friends. 

What is Spirit Day? 

Spirit Day is an annual LGBTQ awareness day by GLAAD, observed to stand up against bullying and harassment. Every year millions go purple for Spirit Day to support LGBTQ youth in a united stand against bullying. "Go purple" visibly shows solidarity with youth. In October this year, the Diversity RS Discord and ScardyGinge will show their solidity with youth by hosting an in-game event. Therefore, don't forget to join in on Oct. 15 on time. 

In a word, hope you can actively join in RS Spirit Day holiday event to enjoy the fun. By the way, cheap RS3 gold is always offered at our site. You can put your orders from us at any time, and we will deliver your gold as soon.  

The RS3gold Team   

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