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Learn Details of RS Triskelion Key Changes from Latest Game Updates

Time: 09/07/20

RS Triskelion Key has been updated in several aspects by the Ninjas. The specific changes can be learned below. By the way, you can also know how to obtain Triskelion Key from us.  

RS Triskelion Key changes announced in latest Game Updates 

According to the newest RS official Game Updates, we have known that the Ninjas have updated the Triskelion Key in the following aspects, like: 
1. Now combining Triskelion Key parts can combine as many keys as possible in one action. 
2. Now Triskelion Key uses the standard Reward Chest interface. 
3. A few balancing changes made to Triskelion Key loot, including: 
  - Now the 125 Adamantite and 750 Coal Stone Spirits drop is 15 Banite Stone Spirits. 
  - Now the 40 Runite and 320 Coal stone spirits drop is 5 Light and 5 Dark Animica Stone Spirits.   

How to obtain RS Triskelion Key? 

RS Triskelion Key also known as crystal triskelion allows players to hunt the Triskelion Treasures. It's created by three fragments that can be obtained from the following activities: 
- Kill monsters with level 80 or higher Slayer 
- Obtain drops from the rare drop table 
- Smith 80% or better ceremonial swords in the Artisans' Workshop from mithril, adamant, or rune ingots 
- Pickpocket dwarf traders, elves and the Elven clan workers in Prifddinas 
- Chop elder evil trees 
- Hunt kingly implings 
- Defeat Vorago 
- Loot Araxxi's corpse 
- Loot the Barrows chest (this is the normal chest, not the RotS chest) 
- Catch any butterflies bare-handed 
- Kill the Skeletal horror 
- Open a Crystal geode from cutting crystal trees 
- Complete elite clue scrolls 
- Open a metamorphic geode 
What's more, you can complete the following activities to get the whole Triskelion Key, like: 
- Kill Nex: Angel of Death (must have access to the main drop table) 
- Defeat the Memory of Nomad 
- Kill The Ambassador 
- Loot the Motherlode Maw 
- Magical chests from the dwarven instinct aura 
- Purchase from the Travelling Merchant (costs 2,000,000 coins) 
- Complete Tetracompasses and opening its Ancient Casket

Are you satisfied with RS Triskelion Key updates? Anyway, just obtain it with the tips mentioned above. Additionally, please buy cheap RS3 gold from us all the time. 

The RS3gold Team 

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