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Learn OSRS Chambers of Xeric Improvements in Vanguards & Others

Time: 05/22/20

This week Old School RS team releases some improvements to Chambers of Xeric raid, such as vanguard boss. All of the changes mentioned are determined following previous Poll #71. Please continue reading for more details.   

OSRS Chambers of Xeric changes in vanguards 

Vanguards are bosses in Chambers of Xeric raid, including range, melee and mage vanguards. They have been changed a lot in order to make them more challenge, including:
1. Lower the defence and increase the hitpoints, which makes the fight reset mechanic less risky for smaller raiding parties.
2. Replace the high magic defence of the "melee" vanguard with its melee defence, with the aim of making it slot neatly into the established combat triangle.
3. Reduce the vanguards' aggro range and shift one of the spawn positions in order to match the room layouts in other vanguard rooms.
4. At least one Overload from the vanguards is guaranteed to get. 

More changes to OSRS Chambers of Xeric raid

In addition to the vanguards' changes, the official team has also fixed some issues appearing in Chambers of Xeric raid, for example:
1. Rebalance the loot table of the scavenger beasts, now including a more reasonable amount of cicelies and endarkened juice. 
2. Shift the positions of crystals in one of the crab rooms in order to not be as much of a hindrance on raids efficiency. 
3. Fix an issue where players should be hit by Vespula's melee attack if the Abyssal Portal dies.

With an eye toward to OSRS Chambers of Xeric improvements. By the way, please buy cheap OSRS gold & more at our site at all times.

The RS3gold Team     

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