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Learn OSRS Skull Sceptre Changes & More Poll 73 Updates Nov 18

Time: 11/20/20

OSRS Skull Sceptre is updated with some new changes that are proposed in Poll 73. Besides, other Poll 73 changes are also announced this week. 

OSRS Skull Sceptre changes revealed on Nov. 18 

Based on the updates on Nov. 18, we have learned that some changes from Poll 73 are now confirmed for Skull Sceptre, like: 
1. Chip extra Skull Sceptre pieces down into fragments via a chisel, then use them to charge an imbued Sceptre. Each fragment is worth one charge. 
2. Left skull half can be broken down into five fragments, and the rest of the pieces can be broken into three. 
3. Each completed tier of Varrock Achievement Diary can gain you one extra fragment for every piece you break down. 
4. Raise the base number of charges you can hold on a completed Sceptre from 5 to 10. 
5. Each completed tier of Varrock Achievement Diary can gain you another 4 charges. 
6. Skull Sceptres are no longer destroyed when dropped or killed with an unprotected one in your inventory. 
7. When an unimbued Skull Sceptre is shattered, the next one will be back at full charge. 
8. Multiple imbued Skull Sceptres can only be recharged using fragments, Sceptre pieces, or whole Skull Sceptres. Just as before, they won't shatter if they run out of charges. 

More OSRS Poll 73 changes confirmed this week 

Apart from Skull Sceptre changes, you can also see other confirmed changes from Poll 73 this week: 
1. Now through a new right-click option you can ask your Gnome Glider pilot to take you quickly to your last destination if you have won the Gnomes' trust in The Grand Tree quest. 
2. Add right-click options for all Estate Agents to Relocate and Redecorate the Player Owned House, in case you're in a hurry to repaint before guests come over. 
3. Beekeeper outfit is now obtainable from the Beekeeper random event. 

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The RS3gold Team   

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