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OSRS Soul Wars Game Details with Access & Gameplay Introduction

Time: 10/12/20

OSRS Team is dedicating to making OSRS Soul Wars live in a near future. Before that, you should learn quick gameplay guide and other details to know this new minigame well.    

How to access to OSRS Soul Wars? 

Soul Wars is a member-only minigame proposed to implement in OSRS game. It will take place on an unnamed island near the Feldip Hills. To play this new minigame, you have to reach total level of 500 and level 40 Combat as well as have membership. 
All members can access the Soul Wars island on any world. You can access it via a portal in Edgeville. Besides, you can use a minigame teleport or a second portal in Ferox' Enclave to access the island. Upon arrival, you will enter the minigame by stepping into one of the waiting rooms in the Soul Wars lobby. And the waiting rooms can be accessed after completing the Nomad tutorial and meeting the requirements. 
Quick guide to OSRS Soul Wars gameplay 

Before OSRS Soul Wars is added and released, we plan to share a quick guide to let you know how to play Soul Wars minigame. 
1. Log in to a dedicated Soul Wars world first. 
2. Talk with Nomad to start the minigame and complete the Soul Wars tutorial. 
3. Then step into a team waiting room. 
4. After being in the minigame, you can fight NPCs, players or the opposing team's avatar. Please ensure to keep your activity bar up. 
5. Completing the game will be rewarded with Zeal and Zeal tokens that can be used to purchase rewards. 

Do you agree with adding OSRS Soul Wars minigame? Anyway, learn the details above ahead of time. And don't forget to buy cheap OSRS gold from us. 

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